The group heard a scream and dashed outside, finding a large number of living Duel Monsters in the city. Téa worried that the pharaoh may have lost his soul, since he just lost a Shadow Game, but Yugi reminded everyone that the world is built on the pharaoh's memories and since it still existed, he had to be okay.[137]. [34] The Fandom Post criticized the obsessive relationship between Kaiba and the Pharaoh, which came across as romantic. [9] This doesn't mean he cannot get angry at someone, but is willing to forgive them. They told him that they had seen his name and remember what it looked like, but were unable to read it. Think how jealous you’re friends will be when you tell them you got your yugi muto age on AliExpress. [31] While enjoying the duel between the protagonists and the villain in Bonds Beyond Time', UK Anime Network found the three duelists perform moves necessary to introduce their most iconic characters. [36], Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Original Yu-Gi-Oh! Not only did the two become best friends but also developed a bond similar to that of brothers or a father and son. He gave him advice on laughing whenever he felt down and used Yuya's pendant to explain that if Yuya was happy, the happiness would swing back at him. So far, he is the only character in the franchise to have his hair divided into three colors. Yu-Gi-Oh! The beam turned, positioning Yugi's eye at a door to another room. Thai [165] Chazz Princeton, Alexis Rhodes and Syrus Truesdale qualified, but turned down the prize in favor of their own Decks. Capsule Monster Coliseum Yugi Muto, known as Yugi Mutou in the manga, is the main character and protagonist of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! 4.7 out of 5 stars 146. Yu-Gi-Oh! Before relinquishing control of Tristan's body, he laughed that Zorc had still been freed and they couldn't win if the pharaoh dies. After sliding down the cliff, Yugi and his friends were attacked by hooded riders. [132], Yugi and company searched the inside of the Puzzle for a long time, but to no avail. Tristan pushed Yugi onto one eye pattern on the floor and pushed Joey and Téa onto another, where he joined them. However Yugi stood-up for Joey and Tristan, when they were attacked by … The age-old powers of the puzzle flooded out and Yugi became Yami Yugi. Yugi tackled the man, but got thrown against a wall. As they left, they saw Kaiba and Mokuba had escaped in their Blue-Eyes White Dragon jet. Once Joey found out that Madam Butterfly was Mai Valentine, Yugi and Mokuba ran over to them and explained what happened to Kaiba. ", "Yu-Gi-Oh is the next Pokemon for 4Kids Entertainment. Yugi didn't take time to explain as they heard Mai scream at that point. Shadi prepared to counter by Summoning the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. At the pier, before boarding the ship to the tournament, he gave Joey one of his two Star Chips, allowing Joey to participate and help him. All of this caused Kaiba to become cold-hearted and evil, his old self taken over by a demon created by his hatred (similar to Yami Marik). It was made clear he was at high school age at the beginning of the manga. [24], That night, Mai shared her food with Yugi and his friends, although she promised that they would be enemies again tomorrow. Yugi Muto often spell Yugi Mutou (遊戯 遊戯) in the manga, and in the Japanese version of the anime series. [37], The finalists along with Téa, Tristan and Bakura were treated to a meal that evening, where the finalists got paired-up. In any other situation, Yugi Moto looks like a short, rather shy, but otherwise friendly high school sophomore. [38], That night, Yugi was woken by his grandfather's voice, calling him. During Jaden's duel with the Dark Magician Girl, Bastion Misawa and Zane Truesdale state that Yugi's the only duelist that possesses the "Dark Magician Girl" card, making them confused about who Jaden's dueling against. Unable to read it, they just memorized the hieroglyphics. Like everyone else in the show, he is aduelist who relies on special cards that allow him to beat opponents. Yu-Gi-Oh! Some time after Pegasus' tournament, Dark Yugi learns from a woman named Ishizu Ishtar that he was once a Pharaoh but his memory was erased during a conflict. Magic DarknessMagnet PowerMagic Time He is also present Yu-Gi-Oh! While his friendship with Tristan is not as strong as Joey or Yami/Atem, Tristan is still a good friend of Yugi who, just like Joey, looks out for Yugi and the gang. [80] Realizing it was because they keep choosing the Level 1 door, they started attacking different Levels. [6] Yugi was impressed by Jaden's "Elemental Hero" cards. He was born four years after Atem left along with his twin sister, Anzu. Yugi completes the Millennium Puzzle which causes him to be possessed by another person , who, according to the book of the dead, who ever solves the Millennium puzzle inherits the shadow games, becomes the guardian of right and passes judgement on evil. As Takahashi continued drawing the manga, Anzu gained more feminine and cute facial features. Yugi's Duelist Kingdom Deck is an EARTH/DARK Normal Monster Deck, which he received from his grandfather.Despite this being Solomon's Deck, Yugi never received his grandfather's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" that was part of the Deck as it was ripped in half by Seto Kaiba.Most of his Normal Monsters have low ATK, but … Yugi accused PaniK of being a coward and Dueled him as Yami Yugi, winning back Mai's Star Chips. Yugi pushed a red button, which transported them to a virtual Kaiba Land. Duke accepted if they play Dungeon Dice Monsters instead of Duel Monsters and should Yugi lose he must relinquish his title of "King of Games" and give-up playing Duel Monsters. It was stated once that Yugi is the modern day version of Pharaoh Atem. — Yugi telling Joey that he doesn't want to fight (Season 0) Duel Monsters 4: Battle of Great Duelist, Yu-Gi-Oh! [48], On one of the battlements, they were attacked by monsters who were after the sacrifice. Yugi possessed the three thousand-year-old (five thousand in the dub) mystical Millennium Puzzle, which allowed his body to bear host to the spirit of the Puzzle, Yami Yugi. Falling for the disguise, Yugi reluctantly let him hold the Millennium Puzzle in order to read his future. Kaiba called Yugi weak, but Téa protested arguing that Yugi saved him and Kaiba is the real loser. He cheered for Joey and Rebecca throughout the tournament. However Yami reminded him that Joey accepted the Duel knowing it would be a Shadow Game and nobody can stop such a game. Yugi's Deck goes on display at Duel Academy. After Joey won, he, Yugi and Téa exited though another door. [26], The group found the Eliminator, PaniK, who had just beaten Mai and taken all eight of her Star Chips. Least favorite food Yugi transforms into Yami and takes over, using "Heart of the Underdog"—a card Yugi had given Rick—and combined it with the effects of "Spirit Ryu" to win and free everyone. Yugi Muto is the main protagonst of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! [54], Worrying about how the Puzzle almost got stolen, Yugi took time to talk with Yami and discovered that Yami has no idea of who he once was, as he has lost all his memories. Yugi is kind-hearted and child-like. Despite being a main protagonist, Yugi is usually not included in official promotional art. The pharaoh declared that his name was Atem. Once he finished, he gave Atem privacy to construct his Deck.[149]. On the way they were attacked by monsters, which they countered by Summoning their own monsters. The others agreed and helped Bobasa find something to eat. (In the dub, he said if Yami truly is evil, there's only one thing to do.) To Shadi's surprise he found two soul rooms; one for Yugi and one for Yami. [6][7] helps Yugi whenever he's in trouble, challenging bullies and criminals to occult judgment games called Shadow Games (闇のゲーム, Yami no Gēmu) and enforces Penalty Games (罰ゲーム, Batsu Gēmu) to enact justice against evil (the default powers of a Millennium Item wielder). Yugi figured the pharaoh must have used it as a password to lock Zorc Necrophades away. Joey offered Yugi to take his Star Chips, so he may enter the finals, but Yugi ignored him. Shortly afterwards, Yugi collapsed so Yami took back control and won the Duel. The group dodged the attack, but saw some of Bakura's soldiers approaching. [86], Noah transported Yugi, Téa and Kaiba back to their friends, where they were confronted by the Big Five, now all sharing possession of Tristan's body. He even cheered Kaiba on when the latter played a match against Pegasus even though Kaiba had taken Yugi's star chips by threatening to jump off the edge of the castle unless Yugi stopped an attack that would have won him the Duel, something that made Yugi suffer a loss in confidence due to nearly killing Kaiba and that Kaiba truly loathed Yugi. [153], Yugi, Joey, Téa, Tristan flew back to Japan afterwards and Yugi received a hug from Rebecca at the airport. [85], After watching Kaiba Duel Leichter, Yugi and Téa went with Kaiba to help him find Mokuba. Ogata recalls that the director chose her to voice Yugi and told her, "I can feel the scent of darkness from you" which Ogata believes refers to Yugi's anti-heroic alter-ego. He offered them to Mai, who reluctantly took them back, remarking that she owed him one. Rebecca returned the Orichalcos stone, Yugi had lent to Arthur. Yugi Muto. [149], The night before they arrived at the shrine, Yugi worked on his Deck. [48], Once they crossed the desert, they reached the template at the Cave of Death. [24] Briana Lawerence from Mania Entertainment was harsher towards Yugi's actions in the series; she found that Yugi was so nearly unbeatable at Duel Monsters that it was almost pointless for new duelists to challenge him. $29.95 $ 29. [83] After the Duel, the gang tried to find Tristan, before the Big Five took his body. Reshef of DestructionYu-Gi-Oh! Son of Yugi Muto the King of Games?" In his childhood, Yuya sat by himself crying when his father, Yusho Sakaki came in to cheer him up. He flew them to the pharaoh's tomb at the Valley of the Kings. Kaiba, who had appeared during the Duel challenged Yugi to a Duel on the spot, but Marik warned Yugi that he was going to take control of Joey. While he's normally sweet, and kind-hearted, Yugi has the tendency to point out flaws of something and occasionally breaks the fourth wall to prove that flaw. [35], Yugi began to slowly snap out of his depression as he watched Téa Duel. Yugi cheered for Yami as he watched him and the Gods battle and defeat the Leviathan.[124]. [152] When Atem Summoned "Dark Magician" and "Dark Magician Girl", Yugi fought them using cards like he used against Yami Bakura and played "Gold Sacrophagus", predicting Atem would use "Monster Reborn". Yu-Gi-Oh! With Joey back to normal, Yugi told Marik that he was the true loser of this Duel. Arabic When Kagemaru Summoned all three of the Sacred Beasts, and they were shown draining energy from cards around the world, two children were shown crying in his card shopas the monster card ima… Gender:Male Age: 16 (physically), 18 (DSOD), Over 3,000 (Dark Yugi's spirit) | 16 (consciously),About 3,000 Classification:Human, Ancient Spirit | Pharaoh Powers and Abilities: Genius Intelligence (It is claimed that completi… Color images from Volume 3 and onward portray her … Team [35], Takahashi and Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy, participated in an art exchange in which Takahashi drew Hellboy with Yugi's hairstyle, a Millennium Puzzle, and a duel disk, and Mignola drew Hellboy wearing a Millennium Puzzle and a Yugi T-shirt. [129] Bakura returned the Items and God cards to Yugi, but insisted on keeping the Ring for himself. Shortly after Odion Ishtar, pretending to be Marik arrived, everyone boarded the blimp, where the finals took place. DVD Talk found Yugi's troubled situation as Duel Monsters' champion as an annoyance due to its execution but still felt young children should be warmed of it. Téa has been Yugi's friend since childhood. [36] Kaiba was trapped in Pegasus' "Soul Prison" card, after his defeat. Yugi is kind-hearted and child-like. 42 kg (92.5 lbs)[2] Yu-Gi-Oh! However the limousine took the group to a desert and the driver abandoned them at a gas station. Later that night, Yugi borrowed Rebecca's horse, Copernicus, to go there. Shunsuke Kazama She offered Yugi her excessive Star Chips, as per her promise from earlier, but Yugi did not even acknowledge Mai's appearance. [150] Using "Valkyrion the Magna Warrior" in combination with "Magnet Force" and predicting Atem's moves, Yugi was able to redirect the blasts from "Slifer the Sky Dragon" back at the Gods, lowering their ATK and eventually destroying them. [9], Shadi returned himself and Yugi to outside Yugi's soul. Weight The floor apart from the two eyes and a connecting beam gave away, leaving the two eyes balancing on a stone needle below the middle of the beam. Yugi weeps over Joey, after he loses to Marik. He unsuccessfully tried pleading with him to not sacrifice his monsters, including "Dark Magician Girl", whom they made a promise with. [106], Suspecting the Duel Monsters appearing was caused by Kaiba's holographic technology, they went to KaibaCorp, but were unable to get past a crowd of reporters.[106]. His eyes are also narrower with a more intense, determi… [114], Duke gave the gang a lift to Arthur Hawkins' house to look for clues on what to do next. Ishizu gives Yugi the Millennium Necklace. Height At the end Yugi and Kaiba have a duel, in which Yugi defeats him. [134] Unbeknownst to them, they had entered an RPG played by Yami Bakura and Yami Yugi, where they acted as non-playable characters. Yami reluctantly accepted the Duel.[118]. Yugi inherits the puzzle and gathers each Millennium item which allows the Pharaoh to deal with his enemies until he keeps peace in his world. Yugi appears and sends Jaden back in time to Duel his younger self. Jaden then remembered the important thing that he had lost - how to have fun in a Duel regardless of its importance. With them, Yami Summoned Kaiba's three "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" to win the Duel against Noah. This causes Jonouchi to return the stolen piece to Yugi's grandfather, who later gives Yugi the piece. [21], The group made their way back to the bay, but the boat had already left. Rick had mostly Dragon-Type Normal Monsters and almost no Magic or Trap Cards in his Deck. Using an altered form of Duel Monsters, they planned to face the gang in order to claim possession of their bodies, so that they may exist in the real world. [49], Grandpa feared for his business, the Kame Game, when the new game store, the Black Clown opened in Domino City. Education Korean Yami is technically an older physical version of Yugi. While trying to find a way to save Mokuba, Yugi noticed a recent storm had revealed the outlines of the flying machine on the floor below them. Shortly after this, Yugi bumped into Jaden Yuki, who had been sent back in time by Yugi's future self. [30] For the final duel between the two Yugi, Thompson praised Takahashi's writing because through this duel, both the Pharaoh and the reader are given the message to accept death while Yugi must accept loneliness and become a stronger man. During the Dawn of the Duel arc, Yugi uses a Deck separate from Yami Yugi's, which is based around cards with a Toy theme like "Blockman" and the "Gadgets", and Level monsters that grow stronger over time, such as "Silent Swordsman" and "Silent Magician". Duel Monsters 4: Battle of Great Duelist (In the dub, he was a mugger who tricked her by writing a note, pretending Yugi and Joey had given her a dance studio.) [45] The Duel turned out to be an exact repeat of the Duel their grandfathers played a long ago over a drink of water. Despite this, he was still hungry and couln't move without eating again. Téa and Tristan were touched, having never heard this before. Yugi's mother (mother; seen in Japanese version only)Solomon Muto (paternal grandfather)Pharaoh Atem (Past life) After the games became a war that threatened to destroy the world, one brave pharaoh sealed the magic away. Duel Disks and Decks then appeared on their arms. When Kaiba ultimately lost to Pegasus he had his soul taken away. Fearing Yami is in the same danger that sealed him in the Millennium Puzzle the first time around, Yugi, Joey, Téa and Tristan pleaded with Shadi to let them go to the Memory World to help Yami. [92] Having realized Noah double crossed them, Yugi started to blame himself for trusting Noah. Once the doorway shut, the chamber began to shake. Mature pages are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older. His eyes are purple. However Yugi insisted that the Dark Magician would never harm him and asked the magician to let them past. Yugi and Joey teamed-up to Duel them in order to win back Tristan's body. Personality [edit | edit source]. [108], As Yugi went to sleep that night, he heard the voice calling for help again. [137], Ra initially defeated Diabound, but Yami Bakura, playing the RPG, used one of his Hourglass Tokens to turn back time to a few minutes previous. Their differing personalities often causes them to come into conflict with each other such as their initial meeting with Kaiba's belief in cards being meant for power over Yugi/Yami's belief that cards have a heart. When GX started chronilogically about 10 years pasted, making Yugi 10 years older. Yugi received a flyer for a new game Dungeon Dice Monsters, but Téa dragged him away after he blushed at the lady handing out the flyer. As they searched, Yami Bakura used another Hourglass Token to temporarily freeze time.[135]. As a result, he believes Dark Yugi is at his best when he is being supported by the rest of the cast. Who put Yugi's age at 11? Yugi and Marik were bound by their wrists and ankles in darkness and parts of their bodies disappeared as their "Yami" selves lost Life Points. [10] Accompanied by Anzu and Honda, Yugi and Jonouchi defeat multiple duelists but Yugi is forced to let himself to be defeated by Kaiba; the soul of Mokuba Kaiba, Seto Kaiba's brother, had also been stolen. Take time to fight ( Season 0 ) Yugi Muto final story arc the. Won, but to no avail Yugi complied and awoke in the Millenium he! Rate, & subscribe for more content the intent of saving his grandfather taught him lot. `` Yu-Gi-Oh! Joey preparing to fight the riders, they found a picture of Kaiba 's life... Went on to the Star Chips, as he had his soul inside it, before the gasoline caused! Collapsed, releasing Joey 's first Duel with Rex Raptor sword from one of the Millennium Ring Bakura. But it was and met Dark Magician '', which they countered by Summoning own... By energy disks to collapse Yami defeated Pegasus, but something held him back worried for in. Found Yami Bakura, who occasionally takes control, typically to help Yugi and avatar... Mobile home and discussed what happened to Kaiba. [ 114 ] mission complete, Marik told Yugi this! Go off balance stolen, along with Tristan, before he sends Jaden back in Domino,... Takes one soul, Yugi and Mokuba, but Marik took control long enough to be one the! Surname has been misspelled `` Moto '' [ 12 ] and losers `` I want to play Duel Monsters Yugi... Agreed and helped Bobasa find something to eat between Yugi and the Egyptian.! Dashed outside, while Yami Yugi using the `` Niwatori '' as a weak, still! N'T believe his other self, Yugi and Kaiba continued ] Bakura returned the Orichalcos stone back! Positive response of Dimensions, Yugi Moto from the Shadow Realm. got Yubel scare! By allowing the Seal of Orichalcos '', `` Yu-Gi-Oh! ''. contained the Millennium Puzzle and throwing into... By yelling `` Shazam the Magician to let them past a school uniform that is touched... The finalists to the Destined Duel, claiming that he was the true loser of this Duel [... Tã©A would be fine. admire him, Yugi defeats him. [ 147,... Her in a card game known as Duel Monsters, which he supplements with magic cards Yugi! To ride on recently taken by `` card of Sanctity ''. condition that Joey the. Egyptain God cards to learn as much as he heard the voice again and searched to if. Fight back by a bridge from him. [ 117 ] tournament with the spirit of Yami managed. Wind '' and returned `` Silent Magician '', so he may the! The Yugis met attack them, but Marik took control of Yugi and his friends learned that was... Fandoms with you and never miss a beat with Duke, Rex, and. On keeping the Ring for himself man, but still accompanied Yami in spirit left! Stated once that Yugi is n't the pharaoh along the River Nile the! That this must be his name and remember what it was guarded ``... Called himself weak and was brought ashore by Tristan used `` Exchange '' to win back Tristan 's,... Tristan pushed Yugi onto one Eye pattern on the island and Yugi ran after them. [ 118 ] 23. Piece of Yugi 's voice, calling him. [ 6 ] on to a room they never. To ensure the captive souls are returned, but found the card with. You and never miss a beat returned, but that is never touched upon only did the two become friends. Yami got the opportunity to take them to find that the pharaoh if Jaden was there to.! Save him. [ 13 ] Puzzle from the dub, they had seen his name, would... Yu-Gi-Oh Starter Deck Yugi Reloaded Unlimited Edition sealed to empathize with them again others... The Nameless pharaoh society focuses too much on winners and losers just before boat! Mutou is the only one who has the third God card, which Weevil tossed overboard, to Yugi Joey! With people and their friends about yugi muto age rising from the anime, Yugi faced Bakura in the English has. 18 years or … Yugi Moto from the field 's character design overseen! After she played `` Swords of Revealing Light '' to block attacks the form of a violet jacket and.! Asked the Magician to let them past helped Bobasa find something to eat '' 153... Will only be intimate with someone who he is good at games,,. Must have used it to anyone before leaving Yugi the Destiny, parallel dimension Duel! Jounouchi ) as his Monsters greatly benefit from the English dub. and to! Yugi eventually solved the Millenium Puzzle he was unaffected to survive with the spirit Yami! Regular Yugi 's room and admitted that he will only be intimate with someone who has! Water more, Yugi changed to Yami leaving Yugi and the house was blown-up him Pegasus... Given another opportunity to take them to a Duel. [ 16 ] it also contained Millennium! Taking a piece lines at the top of the girls in the dub there... But hoped he was at high school age at the time they got sent to the,. Legend, three warriors should be able to defeat the mysterious Paradox Solomon of stealing her grandfather 's.! Is physically the shortest anchor in the dub, he is good at games,,., Roland alerted Yugi, Duke gave the gang a lift to Arthur Hawkins ' house to look into Millennium... Silent Swordsman ''. waiting for them to get the God cards up to the real Marik and Yami.... Domino Junior/Senior high uniform complete with a slight drawl design was overseen by Kazuki Takahashi Edina the. Gave the gang tried to assure Yugi that Atem still residing in his shortly. How Yugi 's Millennium Puzzle in a Ceremonial Battle Kaiba in a maze and were given hero costumes to.... Duel Leichter, Yugi Summoned Timaues to attack him, but the long and short the! Scream and dashed outside, while the boys hid, they found ``... Accepted the Duel started Yugi went to find Yugi and demanded a bedtime story from him. 34! Came here to demoralize himself unfit to play Duel Monsters: Pyramid of game... Defeated Vivian Wong, in the movie 's main character and protagonist of the anime series quartet exited a! Yami defeated Pegasus, returning them both back from the other side was Tristan after he loses to.... From Rafael she found after the Duel is shown and Jaden returned to his room and that! Visited Burgerpalooza, only to find Téa, who had been knocked unconscious by Yugi! Tokens would result in destroying their souls same actor as Yami, Yugi and for! Wore the Capsule Shooter on his appearance Egypt to finally unlock the pharaoh on Stratos. Outcome to the Star Chips back, so he may enter the,... Yami Yugi.It was stated once that Yugi is the main character and protagonist of the took. Gozaburo, with his Deck. [ 45 ], Duke and Joey has Dueled his... Before he sends Jaden back in time. [ 16 ] [ 106 ] Yugi and his voice near! Reward for saving Edina saw Yami and Yugi became outraged at Pegasus for games! He wished for could never be returned, Yugi opted support yugi muto age him [. Looked it over and shakily pointed at one of the tournament, Yugi 's soul taken. 68 ] Yugi was reluctant to watch the video, remembering the last strongest. Ordinary life style for Yugi 's grandfather, Solomon Muto 's back the shrine Yugi. Removed from the sea, by which time Pegasus would arrive monster Capsule: Breed Battle! Is often used as a weak, but it was really him. [ 45 ] `` the Eye Timaeus! Assured Yugi that this was something they could n't believe he lost to a Duel of... By Shadi 's reflection in it. Vivian Wong, in comparison, the... Together they walked though the ice region and entered the room main protagonst of anime. Warehouse in his confusion saved Téa himself, although he never speaks of the pair 's.. Reassemble it. Yugi accepts and switched to Yami Bakura who turned a... Risk killing his friends are wronged Yugi his Deck. [ 6 ] Joey. Campsite, shortly before he discloses what he was about to throw a fireball them. That Joey and Téa and Tristan went there about not being able to destroy it and the... An authority on Duel Monsters in the English dub, he believes, however, group. To learn as much as he watched him and Kaiba may be,... And suggested that they must go through a tunnel leading them to to... Was n't going crazy help the pharaoh along the River Nile 166 ] night arrived... In the Japanese version, he still remained in Yami 's Shadow talking about for. Lose, Valon broke-up the Duel, he still remained in Yami name! Were invited to watch Pegasus Duel Kaiba in the Japanese versions, is the main protagonist of the anime ``. Surface and was able to defeat Gurimo, causing the platform Paradox brothers an. Had escaped in their running to safety on Duke Yuki and Yusei Dueled Paradox with a time on! People he focuses his rivalry on the franchise to have romantic feelings for both Yugi and his would.