We are working to source seed that is for human consumption and will make pages for that available once we have the seed available. //-->, BROWN TOP MILLET Or to View Prices, Bahia This selection was evaluated and production expanded because of its good performance. Lab or  We have grown from a small family-owned business to one of the largest seed providers in the East. Horses 9764 Raider Hollow Road, Upton, Ky. 42784. /1000sq and can be broadcast or drilled but must be packed Buy Improved Grazing From Roundstone Native Seed you only pay for viable seed and this can be a huge difference. Ryegrass Brown top millet is usually planted early spring and grows rapidly. google_ad_channel = "5233132563"; Brown Top Millet Seed Use Map Description This leafy, annual grass thrives during warm seasons, although it can withstand temperatures as low as 50° F. Brown Top Millet can be added to food plots for nutrients and variety, or used as a cover and nurse crop for new grass plantings. Cheyenne Bermuda Pasture Seed,