Nearly There

Ever pick someone up in your car? Wish you could call or text them to say you're Nearly There, but can't use your phone while driving? This is the app for you! A must for car poolers and lift sharers, but has so many uses... get the kids to come out for their ride home, get your partner to come and help bring the shopping in from the car, or open the garage door for you... No more pulling up and honking your horn, annoying the neighbours and no more waiting as you can configure the distance for the SMS or call to happen.


Nearly There allows you to select a list of contacts to be notified via an SMS message or phone call when you’re in their vicinity. You can improve your driving safety by preconfiguring your destination(s) before you set off so they know when you’re going to arrive without having to touch your phone en route. SMS messages are sent automatically without you needing to worry about it, and the phone call option can be used with a Bluetooth hands-free kit to make calls safely.

This can be useful if you are picking up your friends to go out, your co-workers as part of a lift share or car pool, or if you just want to let your family know when you’re nearly home. It’s also very easy to send update messages to let them know how far away you are.

How does it work?

Initially, it will try to locate selected contacts using their postal address (if configured) from your address book. However, if they’re not at home then you can select a different location using the Google Maps interface or search for a new address. Once you begin your journey then Nearly There will track your location using your GPS (or network if you’d prefer to save your battery). When you are within the desired range of your contact it will send an SMS message, place a phone call or alternatively, just notify you.